No touching necessary

Next-generation sanitary products for touch-free washrooms

Toilets with lids that open automatically, sensor-based faucets, touch-free hand dryers: Japanese bathroom supplier TOTO offers a series of innovative products and technologies that help people keep contact with the skin to a minimum. These concepts are especially interesting for hotels, restaurants, doctors’ offices, hospitals, retailers and other semi-public establishments in which clean, hygienic washrooms also reflect the quality of services provided.

Many people are very reluctant to use toilets outside the home. They find them unhygienic, or are afraid of coming into contact with bacteria and germs, and falling ill as a result. This is why hygienic sanitary solutions featuring sensor-based technologies, which allow people to use toilets, faucets and hand dryers without touching them and keep contact with the skin to a minimum, are becoming so popular. It is especially the case for semi-public establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, doctors’ offices and hospitals, in which washrooms with sophisticated designs can become “hygienic hallmarks”.


Touch-free and tamper-proof
In addition to being convenient and easy to use, sensor-based technologies have another very decisive advantage: They allow for touch-free operation, an essential factor in ensuring hygiene. Microsensors are located inside the automatic faucets to control the flow of water, making them tamper-proof. In order to save both water and electricity, the Japanese manufacturer integrated yet another technology in the faucet: A tiny generator converts the energy from the flowing water into electricity. This powers a battery to supply the microsensor with power – a closed circuit that does not require any outside energy source. It is also unnecessary to install a control unit under the sink.


Dry hands without touching
Sensors are also used for touch-free hand drying: If a visitor puts his/her hands down into the TOTO Handdry, an efficient stream of air automatically starts and dries hands completely in just three to five seconds. The hand dryer also has a drip tray for water to keep the floor as dry as possible. Compared to similar products, the amount of energy used and noise level are quite low.


Washlets for improved well-being
The key function of a Washlet is the wand jet system, which provides warm water to clean intimate areas. It allows for an entirely new level of hygiene. The temperature, position and pressure of the water can be set for the personal preferences of each user. The wand cleans itself automatically after every use.

The Washlets also feature other automatic, sensor-based functions. The lids of the TOTO Neorest toilets lift automatically when a person approaches. When the user sits down, the air cleaner automatically turns on to eliminate unpleasant odours as they occur. This has a decisive impact on maintaining good overall room hygiene. Once the person leaves the toilet, it flushes automatically and the lid closes gently without touching it.


Especially hygienic
All TOTO toilets are certified according to the German Hygiene Certificate. Thanks to the rimless design, all areas of the toilet are fully accessible and easy to clean. The special CeFiONtect glaze makes cleaning even simpler. The glaze, developed using nanotechnology, ensures a lasting shine and an extremely smooth surface. Last but not least, the three-jet Tornado Flush cleans the entire bowl of the toilet very thoroughly and effectively.