Ecological city houses in Paris shine with green technology from TOTO

[Translate to Italy (Italian):] Ecological city houses in Paris shine with green technology from TOTO

The Paris “green houses”, called Maisons Be-GREEN, focus on the synthesis of architecture, ecology and comfort. Located in the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, the urban planning and architecture centre near the Bastille, are open to the public in the French capital until 25 August. The exhibition will then travel to various cities throughout France. In 2007, French publications “Architectures à vivre” and “EcologiK“ and architect Eric Wuilmot collaborated to present innovative interior design approaches for using products and materials in the two freestanding wooden houses. The brilliant bathroom – featuring TOTO products – shows that ecological aspects and sophisticated design standards are not mutually exclusive.

The TOTO LUMINIST basin is a highlight of this installation: The translucence of the material offers countless possibilities for arranging and combining light. The material is also especially durable and easy to clean. TOTO’s intelligent automatic faucets harness the energy from the water flowing through the tap and require no external power supply. They are the ideal complement to the washbasin and also help save water: The water only flows when it is really needed.

The TOTO Washlet in the NEOREST Series/SE helps maintain the ecological balance of the building throughout its entire life cycle. The integrated Tornado Flush technology projects powerful jets of water to clean the entire surface of the bowl, creating an effect similar to a tornado. As a result, it requires as little as three litres of water for a thorough flush. This water-saving effect is achieved through the impact of the three jets that propel the water throughout the bowl like a whirlpool as well as the CeFiONtec ceramic glaze. Unlike conventional ceramic, this special glaze creates an extremely smooth surface to prevent the formation of dirt. This makes the toilet more efficient to clean using less aggressive toilet cleaners.