TOTO auf der SHK und IFH 2016

TOTO energised the bathroom product and design sector when it entered the European market in 2009. The Japanese company has since set new standards in hygiene and technology with its WASHLETs and toilets. The latest innovations are on display at this year’s industry shows in Germany – the SHK in Essen and IFH in Nuremberg.


TOTO has shower toilets at all price points in its portfolio – from starter models to luxury versions. Most WASHLETs now include the hygienic and environmentally friendly new PreMist feature. This sprays the toilet bowl with a fine mist of water before use, making it more difficult for dirt to stick to the surface. Together with the rimless design, Tornado Flush and special CeFiONtect glaze, TOTO is meeting the toughest hygiene requirements.


Many WASHLETs include the ewater+ feature, which takes hygiene one step further: It uses electrolysed water to clean the toilet bowl as well as the wand jet. It’s easy to upgrade conventional toilets to include the basic comfort and hygiene features of a shower toilet with the new WASHLET CF attachment. This is compatible with all TOTO toilets as well as many models from other manufacturers.


TOTO is also introducing innovations in its materials: The toilet seats and wand jets are now made of a silicon-based plastic that is dirt-resistant and especially easy to clean.


TOTO continues to increase its technological edge in the bathroom sector while driving innovation in the European market.


TOTO at SHK in Essen: Hall 10, booth 10A03
TOTO at IFH in Nuremberg: Hall 7, booth 7A409.



1.+2. From the starter model GL 2.0 WASHLET (left) to the luxury SG WASHLET (right): TOTO shows its entire product portfolio along with many innovations and enhancements at SHK and IFH 2016.