Restaurant Gastronome, Riga

Gastronome - a place for true gourmets.

Gastronome has been honoured as Riga’s best seafood restaurant on several occasions. The restaurant is located in the centre of Latvia’s capital city. The original interior design and the comfortable space make it ideal for private or official events, as well as for parties of up to 20 people. The excellently trained waiters create a relaxed atmosphere by providing polite, yet unobtrusive service to give guests the feeling of being completely undisturbed.


The restaurant has a wide variety of oysters and other seafood delicacies. The freshest selections inspire the chefs to prepare fabulous and delicious culinary creations. Customers can select live lobsters straight from the restaurant’s aquarium. The daily specials and extensive menu are regularly updated to include the best seasonal specialties.


Naturally, it is important for award-winning restaurants to have excellent washrooms. Gastronome decided to provide its guests with a very special experience, equipping its restrooms with WASHLETs developed by Italian star designer Stefano Giovannoni. The shape of the toilets is reminiscent of pebbles found in riverbeds. Of course, these WASHLETs offer all of the comfort features of a TOTO shower toilet.

Category: Seafood restaurant
Date of opening: May 2006 (reconstruction in 2012)
Owner: SIA „Reaton Ltd”
Seating capacity: 55 in the restaurant, 16 in Seafood bar, 6 at the bar
Products: Giovannoni Washlets 
Product code: CW882B