Modular Home (MH) – the cosmopolitan bathroom

TOTO unveils a new comprehensive bathroom concept which offers endless scope in terms of design options

TOTO showcases a comprehensive range of bathroom solutions befitting a cosmopolitan lifestyle at ISH 2011. Exceptional versatility and the sensual use of natural materials, water and light are just two of the key aspects that characterise the Modular Home (MH) collection, which is the product of a collaboration between the designers Masahiro Maruhashi from Japan and Michael Stein from Germany.

Sensual, homely and tailored to users’ individual requirements, the new Modular Home (MH) series by Japanese bathroom manufacturer TOTO is the ideal solution for people who want to transform their bathrooms into custom-designed oases of well-being. The Modular Home (MH) range offers three different bathroom concepts, each of which is modular in design and comprises a variety of furniture and storage elements, washbasins, a bathtub, a shower, faucets, accessories, a toilet, a bidet and two washlets that can be integrated into any TOTO toilet at any time. “The new collection offers extensive design options that reflect a cosmopolitan lifestyle,” says TOTO Creative Director Masahiro Maruhashi, explaining the Modular Home (MH) concept. The series is the result of a fruitful collaboration and, in the words of two satisfied designers, Masahiro Maruhashi and Michael Stein from neufeld & stein, combines “German precision and Japanese technological expertise”. As such, the collection offers exceptional convenience and technical innovations that can be felt but not seen – a key aspect for TOTO.


Three concepts: for harmony, rich contrasts or timeless elegance
What sets Modular Home (MH) apart is the understated design of the furniture and the soft, sweeping contours of the ceramics. A choice of finishes and materials allows users to customise their bathrooms. The series is available in three different colours and materials. The concept of natural purism is achieved by combining light oak and simple white, whilst the alternative option of dark teak and white achieves an effect that is considerably richer in contrast. For those who are into classic, timeless elegance, all the elements are also available in white.


No two bathrooms are alike: Modular Home (MH) offers customised solutions and endless scope in terms of design options
The storage elements offer exceptional versatility in mounting and configuration and thus even further scope in designing the perfect oasis of well-being. You can opt for a horizontal concept or a more relaxed arrangement and choose between storage elements with open designs or those with doors. Faucet and washbasin plumbing are elegantly concealed behind slightly shortened drawers, allowing them to be connected behind the furniture. As such, the washbasin and furniture, for instance, can be positioned wherever necessary without existing plumbing having to be moved. This is particularly convenient when renovating a bathroom.


Versatile and expandable, from guest bathrooms to oases of well-being
Ideal for spaces large and small: the new Modular Home (MH) series offers the perfect spa-like solution for all types of rooms, from normal bathrooms to guest facilities. Uncomplicated, youthful and dynamic, Modular Home (MH) allows you to enter the world of TOTO at your own pace and expand as time goes on.


Water and bathing – for a sensual bathroom experience
In Japan, bathing is seen as a ritual, into which people invest time and care. As such, the bathroom plays a key role in Japanese culture. Since its European debut at ISH two years ago, TOTO has also managed to win over scores of European consumers – and introduce innovations such as the TOTO washlet, which is a toilet with an integrated bidet feature offering exceptional hygiene and a unique washing experience. Modular Home (MH) provides the opportunity to transform the toilet into a comfortable, convenient WASHLET.


About TOTO/brief profile
Established in Tokyo in 1917, TOTO has now been developing, producing and marketing its comprehensive high-end bathroom concept for the European market for close to three years, with an emphasis on combining convenience and eco-friendly Clean Technology. As Japan’s leading manufacturer in the sector, TOTO represents a one-stop shop for a comprehensive collection of products including bathtubs, ceramic sanitaryware, faucets, furniture and accessories, all of which have been created in close collaboration with its own and a number of renowned European designers. Exceptional innovations and technology are the company’s central values. TOTO is leading the way in terms of technological developments in attractive and convenient product design. For TOTO, it’s important that technical elements should always be intuitive, well integrated and, where possible, concealed. “We expertly combine Japanese and European design, exceptional German engineering and Japanese innovation,” says TOTO Marketing Director Ute Kranz with conviction. TOTO employs 24,000 people worldwide, of whom 900 work in research and development.