Life Anew -TOTO at ISH 2017

A new attitude towards life through regeneration, comfort and hygiene. TOTO showed innovative technologies that transform the bathroom into a spa at ISH.

TOTO's motto for its ISH 2017 presentation was "Life Anew": For the first time, the company showed innovative technologies developed in Japan that have an even greater impact on people's health and well-being. The bathroom is an important space for people to regenerate and escape the stresses of everyday life - whenstaying in a hotel or at home. A global player currently setting new standards across Europe, TOTO strongly believes that everyday bathing rituals should be transformed into enriching experiences.


Innovations at this year's ISH included an innovative shower concept that transforms bathrooms into spas and a new bathtub in the premium NEOREST collection. Another newcomer is the NEOREST vessel.


The spa shower

TOTO spent over 10 years researching the rejuvenating aspects of showering and bathing, and developed a number of innovative features on these findings. The innovations introduced at ISH focused on a new type of shower concept that transforms time in thebath into a wellness ritual of extraordinary comfort. New overhead showers and handheld units have different types of sprays for use at various times of the day, or to suit people's individual preferences: "Active Wave" ensures an invigorating start to the day,"Comfort Wave" promotes recovery and regeneration at any time of day, and "Warm Spa"is a warm stream of water that envelopes the body for a soothing effect just before bed. It's easy to switch the shower head from one mode to the next and enjoy the different sprays by pressing a button.


Weightless bathing - TOTO offers a health-promoting and meditative bathing experience

A bathtub in which people can experience total weightlessness is more than just extremely relaxing. It has been proven to help relieve chronic fatigue and put the bather in ameditative state. TOTO calls this unusually calming bathing experience "Zero Dimension". This is achieved through a specific reclining position, with the buttocks lower than the legs, which are slightly bent - similar to the posture of astronauts sleeping in zerogravity. The result is extremely deep muscle relaxation that calms both body and spirit. TOTO conducted extensive research on the impact of water pressure on the body, and developed the devices necessary to measure it - all to determine the healthiest position for the body. This process of relaxation and regeneration in the bath is further intensified by massage jets and an ergonomically shaped pillow. Warm water flows out of a narrowopening in the pillow, covering the bather's neck and upper body in soothing warmth.TOTO received the "Society Award" from the Japanese Society of Mechanical Engineers and the "Essay Award" from the Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering for the remarkable research and profound findings that went into developing this healthy, stress-relieving bathing experience.


Delicate design, innovative and durable materials

The new bathtub in the premium NEOREST collection as well as the NEOREST vessel -introduced for the first time at ISH - share an understated, ergonomic design and especially delicate lines. The material used for the bathtub features an innovative multilayer structure and a very durable, smooth surface finish. The vessel is made of very thin ceramic, which measures just 4 mm. TOTO developed a new process to produce especially thin ceramic, which is twice as hard as conventional TOTO ceramic.

WASHLET - an essential for greater well-being, comfort and hygiene

WASHLET plays an important role in every TOTO bathroom - and especially in the scope of this year's ISH theme, "Life Anew". After presenting WASHLET for the first time at ISH in 2009, TOTO has initiated a veritable boom in the industry. The company is still the undisputed market leader when it comes to the development of WASHLET technology. The company used this year's ISH to present the wide range of WASHLET models and highlight the benefits of the comfortable, hygienic shower toilets, which are becoming more popular in upscale residences and fine hotels.


Kaizen - or continuous improvement - is a key idea in TOTO's company philosophy. This Japanese concept is reflected in all TOTO products. Kaizen focuses on constantly changing and improving processes over time. In addition to serving as a method that can beapplied in practice, this idea of gradually improving and perfecting one's work guides the spirit and mindset among TOTO's management and employees.