“Clean Technology” at Franziskus hospital

State-of-the-art sanitary products for outstanding hygiene at the hospital

Having the greatest possible hygiene is an absolute must when it comes to sanitary facilities – especially in hospitals. Thanks to TOTO’s new technology in toilets, it takes far less effort to reach this high standard at Bielefeld’s “Klösterchen” hospital.


Today, the cleaning staff at Bielefeld's Franziskus Hospital has an easier time keeping some areas of the hospital perfectly clean and hygienic. Recently, the hospital installed 26 new hygienic toilets from bathroom manufacturer TOTO. Heinz-Dieter Otto, the acting technical director of the clinic, encountered TOTO for the first time at Schalke Arena in Gelsenkirchen. Here, various sanitary supply companies, including the Japanese bathroom experts, invited potential customers to attend an information day. As Otto recalls, "The information we got from TOTO was really great." The product demonstrations in particular were especially convincing: "They pointed out all of the advantages, everything that is possible in the area of sanitary hygiene today."


Impressed by the high “Clean Technology” standards from the Far East, the hospital directors initially decided to install a test toilet in the public area of the Franziskus Hospital. The feedback from the cleaning staff was overwhelming positive, as they were able to clean the WC series toilet far more quickly and easily than a conventional toilet. This is due to the special CeFiONTect glaze used on the ceramic surfaces of all TOTO products, which developed using nanotechnology. It ensures a lasting shine, prevents the formation of mould and keeps dirt and germs from accumulating. Another advantage of the special glaze is that it can be cleaned using microfiber cloths. Conventional ceramics feature a coating that is not even scratch-proof. The seats are easy to remove for more effective cleaning, and the bowl does not feature the conventional, hard to clean rim. An added environmental benefit: It is possible to thoroughly clean the toilet using barely any aggressive chemicals.


“Tornado Flush” innovation: more effective, economical and quieter than conventional flushes


"Tornado Flush" is another important feature of all TOTO toilets. This innovative three-jet flush cleans the bowl up to the top edge in a unique way. Instead of letting water pour down from the rim like conventional toilets, the powerful whirlpool effect created by the three jets of water cleans the entire inside surface of the bowl. The toilet is cleaned very thoroughly as a result. Either three or six litres can be used for each flush. Thanks to the superior cleaning power of Tornado Flush, three litres often have the same effect as twice that amount. As a flush noise comparison commissioned by TOTO revealed, Tornado Flush is far quieter than other toilets – a significant factor in a hospital. The volume of the Tornado Flush was 69 decibels, while a comparable product from a competitor was 72 decibels. This noise level is 41 per cent louder.


Following the successful test phase at Franziskus Hospital, 26 patient bathrooms in the private internal medicine and surgery wards were completely renovated with wall-mounted toilets from the NC collection. "Our cleaning staff have to deal with far less accumulated dirt as compared to the other toilets. The bowls are far easier and quicker to clean, and our team also uses less cleanser in the process," explained Gerda Pfeiffer, nurse specialist for hospital hygiene, satisfied with the results.


Honoured with the "German Hygiene Certificate"


With so many advantages, it logically follows that TOTO's toilets have been certified according to the standards of the "German Hygiene Certificate". At the beginning of the testing process, a TOTO toilet and conventional toilet were disinfected. Afterwards, samples were taken from five different points of each toilet, and the insides of both toilets were sprayed with solutions containing Escherichia coli bacteria. After the toilets were flushed, samples were taken once again from five different points. The results were impressive: All of the points on the TOTO toilet were disinfected, no microorganisms were detected – not even at the problematic areas along the top inside edge of the bowl. The three-jet flush equally removes microorganisms from the entire inside of the toilet. The bacterial contamination of E. coli is reduced by 90 per cent when the primary bacterial contamination is approximately 105 bacteria/ml. Dr. Brigitte König at Magdeburg Molecular Detections (MMD), the professor in charge of the test, confirmed that these results are due to the combination of the special glaze, Tornado Flush and rimless bowl design. In her final report, she determined that the TOTO toilet helped to reduce the bacterial load after use. The test results for "conventional" toilets were significantly poorer.


Investment in 50 toilets pays off in about one year

TOTO’s toilets are very easy to clean and feature the effective Tornado Flush, two factors which also translate into actual cash savings relatively quickly. According to TOTO’s own calculations, a professional cleaner needs approximately 30 seconds less time to clean a TOTO toilet than a conventional one. "The investment in 50 NC collection toilets costs 24,500 euros. An affordable comparable product from the competition costs 13,770 euros, a difference of about 10,750 euros," explains TOTO sales director Hubertus Brüggemann. If one assumes that the toilets are cleaned three times a day and the cleaner charges about 30 euros an hour, it would take the cleaner 75 fewer minutes each day, which corresponds to 37.50 euros. On this basis, the investment would pay for itself in less than one year.