[Translate to Italy (Italian):] Hygiene at the touch of a button

[Translate to Italy (Italian):] TOTO WASHLETs offer comfort and hygiene features at the touch of a button – allowing the elderly to live with dignity.

[Translate to Italy (Italian):] Elderly man tries fully accessible toilet with hand grips

[Translate to Italy (Italian):] Aging with dignity means being able to lead a self-determined life for as long as possible without outside help. TOTO WASHLETs provide an effective remedy for issues with intimate hygiene resulting from limited mobility in old age. Its many comfort functions can be operated easily using a remote control or side control panel, allowing for thorough, touch-free cleaning.


What many young people consider a fun luxury can be sheer necessity for the elderly – such as the automatic intimate cleansing feature which can be adjusted by remote control or side control panel. For example, the wand jet system for warm water cleansing can be controlled at the touch of a button. The position, temperature and spray type of the water that comes from the jet can be adapted to everyone’s individual needs.


The WASHLET performs a variety of actions for the user depending on the model: For example, many TOTO WASHLETs are equipped with a warm air dryer that follows the intimate cleansing – that can be operated using the remote control or side control panel. This makes it unnecessary to move the arm backwards, which can be often impossible or difficult for the elderly. Even those with limited mobility can still go to the toilet independently for a long period of time. Some WASHLETs even have a sensor-based lid that opens and closes on its own.


High-efficiency Tornado Flush

Personal hygiene is not the only problem for many older people – cleaning the toilet can also be difficult. TOTO has a variety of sophisticated technologies to solve this issue: One unique feature of all WASHLETs and TOTO toilets is the powerful, highly efficient Tornado Flush. It creates a circulating whirlpool of water that reaches every inch of the toilet bowl, cleaning it thoroughly with just one flush. The durable special CeFiONtect glaze and rimless design of all TOTO toilet bowls also improve hygiene overall.


Most WASHLET models feature the new PreMist hygiene function: Before use, the WASHLET sprays the entire inside of the toilet bowl with a fine mist of water. This film of water makes it difficult for dirt and bacteria to stick to the ceramic surface.


With all of these properties, TOTO WASHLETs allow elderly people to live a self-determined life with dignity – despite their physical limitations. Outside help is no longer needed to go to the toilet, allowing people to protect their privacy.



1. A sheer necessity for the elderly: The TOTO WASHLET wand jet system allows for touch-free intimate cleansing with warm water. 2. The highly efficient Tornado Flush thoroughly cleans the entire inside of the toilet bowl, leaving nothing behind. 3. The rimless design makes the toilet easier to clean – dirt and bacteria cannot accumulate under the rim of the toilet bowl. 4. Nearly all TOTO WASHLETs are equipped with the PreMist hygiene function. The WASHLET sprays the toilet bowl with a mist of water prior to use, making it difficult for dirt and bacteria to stick to the ceramic surface. 5. The EK 2.0 WASHLET, shown here on an MH toilet, has an integrated dryer. 6. The practical test at the TOTO Technical Centre in Tokyo: The product developers put themselves in the situation of people with physical limitations to figure out the correct handle position to meet their exact needs.