WOW your guests - in the bathroom

The guest bathroom is a reflection on a person’s entire home – and the perfect location for TOTO products to deliver the ultimate in hygiene, comfort and appealing design.

Good hosts want their guests to feel comfortable and enjoy their homes. This is why the guest bathroom is an important part of a successful invitation - it reflects on a person'sentire home. TOTO shows how to create a sophisticated guest bathroom which will wow your guests.


Refreshing and relaxing - the WASHLET surprises guests with its smart and comfortable features

People who use a TOTO WASHLET for the first time are surprised by the comfort and "intelligence" of this product: Guests like that the lid of the TOTO WASHLET opens independently at just the right moment, and also enjoy the preheated seat. Another pleasant feature is the intimate warm-water cleansing from the wand jets, which can be adjusted as desired via remote control. This is followed by the warm air dryer. The guest leaves the bathroom relaxed and refreshed - just as the host intended.

Hygiene in the guest bathroom is especially important

Appealing and hygienic sanitary facilities are very important, especially when using a bathroom outside of your own home. The integrated pioneering technologies help the WASHLET meet guest expectations of maximum cleanliness as well as the toughest hygiene requirements. The extremely smooth special CeFiONtect glaze prevents germs and bacteria from accumulating, while the powerful Tornado Flush and rimless bowl make the toilet very easy to keep clean. The PreMist and ewater+ features also enhance the WASHLET's outstanding hygiene.


LUMINIST inspires emotions

Light inspires emotional responses in people and creates a special atmosphere. This is important if you want your guest bathroom to make a good impression. Guests are greeted by comfortable, pleasant light when they wash their hands. The LUMINIST vesselbasin shimmers like the corona of a solar eclipse thanks to its integrated LED light.


Touch-free faucets

People enjoy the cleanliness and hygiene of automatic faucets and the self-raising toilet lid on the WASHLET. TOTO developed sensor-based touch-free technologies that are used in a variety of different sanitary products. The lid of the NEOREST WASHLET lifts and lowers automatically, and the flush is also automatic. The faucets are also touch-free: Sensor-based automatic faucets allow just enough water to flow - making them convenient and hygienic for users while conserving water. A powerful electrical hand dryer turns itself on and off independently - and allows the guest to leave the bad refreshed.



1. The bathroom welcomes your guests in a comforting way. The LUMINIST vessel basin is a real eyecatcher. 2. Touch-free technology ensures hygiene everywhere. 3. The WASHLET leaves nothing to be desired. 4. When the water flows into the sink, it looks like the light is dancing on the translucent surface.