TOTO at hotel Le Meurice

The Parisian luxury hotel sees itself as a trendsetter, which also means providing innovative bathrooms for its guests.

Since it opened in 1835, the five-star Hotel Le Meurice in Paris has been a meeting place for the upper class. The hotel has always had state-of-the-art technology, as shown in the latest renovation work completed in summer 2015. The bathrooms on the ground floor were updated as part of improvements planned to mark the hotel's 180th anniversary -and now feature TOTO's SG WASHLETs.


Hotel Le Meurice has welcomed and entertained many royal and noble guests as well as famous artists in its long history. The revolving door opens into a world of luxury, quiet and opulent delights - at the two gourmet restaurants and bar on the ground floor, as well as the restrooms. The hotel completed a number of renovations to commemorate  its 180th anniversary, including redesigning its heavily used restrooms. French designer Philippe Starck created a harmonious balance between traditional interior elements and forward-looking design, as exemplified by the SG WASHLET.


Positive experiences with TOTO bathroom products

Fabien Coubard, Project Manager at Hotel Le Meurice, specifically selected the high-tech shower toilet from Japan for use in the renovation. He already had positive experiences with the luxurious Japanese toilets at other luxury hotels in Paris, and was impressed at how easy they were to install and maintain. "We installed TOTO bathroom products in 200 rooms, and never had a single issue with them," Coubard explained. "Having such a major installation go so smoothly is enough evidence of TOTO's product reliability. When it was time to renovate our bathrooms at Hotel Le Meurice, I felt very confident in choosing TOTO products," he continued.


"An institution like ours needs to be a pioneer!"

"The quality wasn't the only consideration. In my opinion, an institution like ours needs to be a pioneer and think about how bathrooms are evolving," explained Coubard. After all, luxury hotels are always trendsetters who want to offer their sophisticated clientele something truly special. Hotel guests are then inspired to bring these designs and technologies into their own homes.


Facts about TOTO WASHLETs

All TOTO WASHLETs offer the following features:

• Individually adjustable wand jet system for intimate cleansing with warm water

• Toilet seat can be heated to the desired temperature

• Warm air dryer

• A deodoriser that prevents unpleasant odours. A carbon fibre filter draws in andcleans the air

• The new PreMist hygiene feature sprays the toilet bowl with a mist of water beforeuse, making it more difficult for dirt and germs to accumulate on the ceramic surface


Luxurious features offer greater comfort and hygiene:

• ewater+: Sprays the toilet bowl with electrolysed water, which has antibacterialproperties

• The wand jet is cleaned before and after each use with ewater+ as opposed toregular water

• Actilight: The toilet bowl has a special coating with self-cleaning properties, whichkeeps the toilet clean for longer periods of time

• Sensor-based lid: The toilet seat lid lifts automatically when someone approaches

• Sensor-based flush: The toilet flushes automatically after use



1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 6. Luxury hotels like Le Meurice are trendsetters. Hotel guests are then inspired to bring these designs and technologies into their own homes. 7. The TOTO WASHLET ewater+ feature sprays the toilet bowl with electrolysed water following the flush,which has antibacterial properties. The wand jet is also cleaned before and after each use with ewater+instead of regular water.