New TOTO washbasins

TOTO offers new vessels with outstanding features – including a brand-new model with especially slim edges, but outstanding hardness and durability.

TOTO offers a wide variety of sanitary ceramics, including many universally compatible washbasins known for their outstanding hygiene, durability and longevity, as well as an understated, exclusive design. A series of new, high-quality vessels and furniture washbasins with a streamlined design have been available on the market since July 2017.


When choosing a new washbasin, factors like durability and longevity play a major role. It should always look new, even after years of intensive use. TOTO's Development department devotes countless hours to constantly optimising the material and design of their washbasins to meet these high expectations.


Innovative ceramic for especially slim washbasins

TOTO introduced several new washbasins at this year's ISH. One special highlight is a vessel with especially slim ceramic. With edges measuring just 4 mm, this vessel has an especially delicate look - but is just as durable as standard washbasins, which have ceramic measuring twice as thick. This is made possible by an innovative new composite material developed by TOTO, called Linear Ceram. The slim design has an especially elegant, lightweight look that fits perfectly in most bathrooms. Like all TOTO ceramics, Linear Ceram also features the special CeFiONtect glaze.


Vessels and furniture washbasins

These washbasins also feature a streamlined design with clean lines. In addition to their outstanding hygienic and functional aspects, their understated aesthetic makes TOTO washbasins ideal for use in all types of interiors. The furniture washbasins and vessels are available in 500 and 600 mm versions. All new models are equipped with the high-quality CeFiONtect glaze, a special characteristic of TOTO's ceramic surfaces. This exceptionally hygienic glaze makes it difficult for dirt and waste to accumulate, and is also especially durable and long-lasting.


Benefits of special CeFiONtect glaze at a glance:

• TOTO washbasins can be cleaned with microfiber cloth without scratching the surface.

• The extremely smooth surface makes it difficult for dirt and waste to stick, making aggressive, abrasive cleansers unnecessary. In other words, it is possible to keep the washbasin clean in an environmentally friendly way with little effort.

• Durable, with long-lasting shine.


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1. The new NEOREST washbasin made of Linear Ceram is just 4 mm thick - very slim and delicate-looking.

1. The new Linear Ceram vessel has especially slim edges for a very elegant look.

2. TOTO washbasins feature a streamlined design with clean lines.

3. All TOTO washbasins are equipped with the special CeFiONtect glaze to ensure long-lasting shine.

4. The new Linear Ceram vessel has especially slim edges for a very elegant look.

5. This vessel with tap hole is available in 500 and 600 mm sizes.

6. The vessel without tap hole with overflow is available in two sizes: 500 and 600 mm.

Photos: TOTO