[Translate to Italy (Italian):] Hygiene through innovation

[Translate to Italy (Italian):] TOTO presents the latest WASHLET™ technologies at ISH 2019 with its ISH 2019 theme, “Cleanovation” – offering the highest possible standards of hygiene with all models

[Translate to Italy (Italian):] Always fresh and clean: The wand jet is always positioned above the ceramic toilet bowl, and a protective cap prevents any contact with faeces.

This keeps the wand jet perfectly clean, even after many years – as if it were being used for the first time.

The PREMIST feature sprays the toilet bowl with a mist of water prior to use. It’s more difficult for dirt and waste to accumulate on a moist ceramic surface than on a dry one.

The high-quality rimless bowl design means that there is no space for dirt and bacteria to accumulate, and also makes the toilet far easier to clean. Combined with the powerful Tornado Flush and extremely smooth special CeFiONtect glaze, the rimless bowl design is one of TOTO’s three proven toilet technologies.

As clean as on the first day: The wand jet is automatically cleaned with antibacterial ewater+ before and after each use. This thorough cleansing both inside and outside of the jet ensures that TOTO WASHLET ™ will always remain clean and hygienic.

The latest WASHLET™ SX model also offers the proven TOTO comfort technologies – from the cleansing function to the ability to adjust the water pressure and wand jet position in line with personal preferences.

[Translate to Italy (Italian):] On the European market for 10 years, at ISH for the fifth time, and recently named “world’s no. 1 brand” in shower toilet sales: TOTO represents the ultimate in Japanese bathing culture. At ISH 2019, the Japanese market leader presents the latest WASHLET™ technologies with its “Cleanovation” theme. The booth explores how the extraordinarily high standards of cleanliness and hygiene are achieved with all TOTO WASHLET™ models – from the starter version to the luxury option.


A combination of the words “clean” and “innovation”, TOTO emphasises the company’s strengths and shows how the Japanese market leader is different from the rest of the industry, especially in the development of its shower toilet, or WASHLET™, which is TOTO’s brand name for the product. At the booth spanning 1,500 m2, the company presents the technologies that make the original truly exceptional – often copied, but never achieved. TOTO was also named “world’s no. 1 brand”* in the sale of shower toilets just in time for ISH – an accolade that makes the company especially proud.


Highest standard among all TOTO WASHLET™ models

Life-changing – this is how many people describe the experience of using WASHLET™ for the first time. Once they discover the comfort and well-being of the hygienic warm-water cleansing feature, they don’t want to live without it. Whether customers choose a starter model or a more luxurious option, TOTO guarantees that they all meet the same high standards. All of the Japanese manufacturer’s toilets feature the powerful Tornado Flush, CeFiONtect glaze and rimless bowl design. All WASHLET™ models can be descaled. They also include other innovative technologies depending on the model, such as the cleaning of the ceramic bowl and wand jet with antibacterial water. TOTO wants to set itself apart in the market with these unique hygiene technologies, and ensure that its customers also enjoy the highest standards of cleanliness even with the most affordable models.


Only TOTO WASHLET™ offers a number of special hygiene features:



  • Wand jet above the ceramic toilet bowl. This position protects the wand jet from dirt and waste. It is also covered by a protective cap. This placement also ensures that the wand jet is not touched by flush water, keeping all of the technical elements clean if the toilet is ever clogged.
  • ewater+ is electrolysed water with antibacterial properties. ewater+ is environmentally friendly and can be returned to the water cycle without any issues. TOTO uses ewater+ to spray the inside of the toilet bowl after flushing, and to clean the wand jet inside and out after use.
  • Descaling: On average, the water in Germany is hard due to its increased lime content. This is why shower toilets like other household appliances need to be descaled on a regular basis. This is easy to do on all WASHLET™ models, and does not require professional assistance.
  • PREMIST: The toilet bowl is sprayed with a mist of water prior to use. It’s more difficult for waste and dirt to accumulate on a moist ceramic surface than a dry one.


“TOTO guarantees hygiene through innovation. Every TOTO WASHLET™ user benefits from a wand jet that is as clean as it was when used the first time. Over 40 million WASHLET™ models sold world-wide vouch for the company’s expertise and ideal hygiene,” explained Hubertus Brüggemann, TOTO Sales Director.